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Tonight’s Apres Ski Giving Walk Offers Sun Valley’s First Urban Art Exhibition
See this giclee print, “Glove,” by Portugal artist Nuno Viegas at Broschofsky Galleries.
Friday, November 29, 2019


Broschofsky Galleries has long showcased the iconic western photographs of Edward S. Curtis. Tonight, during the Apres Ski Giving Walk from 4 to 6 p.m., the gallery will take a decidedly different tack, showcasing the modern urban street art created by Snik, Alessio B. and others.

Rudi Broschofsky is presenting “Flashback,” a compilation of 36 shows over a three-year period from his former Portland art gallery, Flat Blak Gallery.

The show’s 50 works will be up for a few weeks. Warfield Distillery and Brewery will supply drinks for the gallery during tonight’s Giving Walk, which will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29. The public is encouraged to donate canned food for The Hunger Coalition in bins that will be placed outside Broschofsky and other galleries.

Portugal artist Nuno Viegas, who created this large-scale installation for Art Basel in Miami, is among the artists featured at tonight’s Giving Walk at Broschofsky Galleries.

And, when you’re done with the Giving Walk, head over to Sharon Payne Bolton’s Friday Noir Open Studio, which will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. at 141 Northwood Way in Ketchum (see below).

Broschofsky’s show of contemporary urban art, which will be showcased among works by Theodore Villa and Andy Warhol, is designed to pique the interest of all ages.

“Art of this sort started with graffiti paintings in subways and has evolved into fine art. That art movement has grown incredibly fast in the last 15 years,” Broschofsky said. “Banksy, of course, is the most famous—his pieces are selling for millions.”

Artists who will be showcased include Snik—two of the finest stencil artists in the United Kingdom.

Australian artist Matt Scott’s “Longhorn,” created with stencil and spray paint, can be seen at Broschofsky Galleries.

Snik is actually two artists—the name taken from a compilation of their names. They are famous for their realistic large-scale murals, but they rely on their gallery pieces to allow them to do the larger works. They often cut through nine layers of cardboard at the same time, following the stencil cutting up with spray paint to create vivid scenes full of movement.

Alessio B. from Padua, Italy, is also a stencil artist. The former architecture student started experimenting with graffiti at college in Venice where he was exposed to the works of Banksy. He now is known for creating visually powerful messages of optimism, pleading for such things as peace and love.

“Every other type of art evolved over centuries. This evolved fairly quickly,” said Broschofsky. “It’s attracting a lot of young people, as it’s somewhat affordable for the young generation. And it’s appealing for all ages. It seems like there’s someone for everyone.”

This kind of art is also typically found in big cities where you would see the murals on buildings or at mural festivals.

Steve Jensen, who created “Mystic Penny Boat” with 2,340 pennies mounted on wood, is among the artists whose works are on display at Friesen Gallery.

“It’s rare that urban contemporary artwork would be found in a smaller mountain town—‘Flashback’ will be the first show of this type to be seen in Sun Valley,” Broschofsky added.


  • Frederic Boloix Fine Arts Gallery, 351 Leadville Avenue, is showcasing works by Modern Masters.
  • Friesen Gallery, 320 First Avenue North, is featuring the engaging art of Ben Steele who is apt to pose a box of Gary Cooper crayons in front of Bald Mountain. Also, the works of Kristina Grace, who creates tiny figurines of skiers and snowboarders in epoxy resin.

    Dana Lynn Louis is back with her hand-blown orb and glass bead installations that offer hope in the midst of the tenuous political and environmental climate. And Steve Jensen creates works out of pennies and wood.

    See the work of Sharon Payne Bolton and other Ketchum artists from 4 to 8 p.m. tonight at Bolton’s new studio at 141 Northwood Way in Ketchum.

  • Gail Severn Gallery, 400 First Avenue North, is showcasing Laura McPhee’s large-scale landscape photographs; Jack Spender’s portraiture and manipulated images of eerie antiquated scenes of the American South, and Luis Gonzlez Palma’s photography, which creates portraits, tableaux and abstract compositions. Also, works by Laura Wilson, who is drawn to people who live in isolated communities, and Rachel Cobb, whose images illustrate the ways in which the Mistral Winds affect life in Provence.
  • Gilman Contemporary, 661 Sun Valley Road, is featuring the black and white photographs of Dutch photographer Alex Timmermans, who creates enchanting images, such as one titled “Fleeing Brexit” and another of a man in a hot air balloon enjoying “High Tea.”
  • Kneeland Gallery, 271 First Avenue N., will introduce the colorful dog portraits of Utah artist Cristall Harper for its exhibition of small-sized works titled “Deck the Halls.” Three non-profit organizations, including Mountain Humane, will benefit from SVGA gallery sales during the giving Walk.
  • The Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Fifth and Washington streets, is showing works by women modernists in Idaho and Montana in a show titled “Behind the Sagebrush Curtain.”
  • Wood River Fine Arts, 360 East Avenue in The Courtyard, will have a display of traditional and contemporary works by artists who capture the spirit of the American West.
  • Harvey Art Projects, 659 Sun Valley Road, will present a collection of works from Western Desert painters in Australia.
  • Mitchell Contemporary, 400 Sun Valley Road, will feature new works from painter Holly Manneck, an American pop artist who uses her background in social work, painting and printmaking to create feminine works of pop imagery and history.
  • And Barry Peterson Jewelers, 511 Sun Valley Road, will showcase custom made jewelry.


Six Ketchum artists will showcase their work from 4 to 8 p.m. tonight—Friday, Nov. 29—at 141 Northwood Way in Ketchum.

The artists include Sharon Payne Bolton, an established mixed media artist, who teaches workshops worldwide. Others include jewelry artist Becky Broooks; ceramicist Mary Ann Chubb, jewelry artist Kary Kjesbo, fiber artist Sally Metcalf and watercolor artist Tisa McCombs.


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