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Caddyshack for Charity, How Three local Dads Change the Game
Andy Jones, Conor Quinn and Doyle Rundell are behind The Duel Golf Tournament.
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Friday, October 8, 2021


  Conor Quinn, Doyle Rundell, and Andy Jones, aim to create a new spin on the tradition of charitable giving. That’s why they created the Duel Golf Tournament--their inaugural community-based event to launch their new platform.

The trio staged their first Duel Golf Tournament this past week at Valley Club to raise money for their new nonprofit, which they’ve dubbed The Alpine Collective. They promptly enlisted 32 fun-loving golfers.

'The Duel' is a twist on the traditional PGA Masters tournament. Out with the Augusta National Golf Club's archaic rules of no member applicants, caddies dressed in white jumpsuits and no running, phones, cameras, electronic devices, unattended guests, autographs and backward hats.

Nick Osselo attempts a putt backlit by a rosy sunset.

In The Duel phones are welcome, along with drinking, music, casual attire and backward hats. Players walk away with swag bags filled with Alpine Collective and Duel branded goodies, chilled coolers of drinks, and new friends. 

Winners of various On-Hole contests received bottles of Middleton Irish Whiskey and WildeIrish Gin. At the same time, the coveted 'Bull & Bear Duel Trophy’ went home for a year to the winning foursome--Doug Hickey, Roger Daily, Matt Turck, and Jason Cox.

Not to be ignored, the last-place foursome--Evan Wyman, Lincoln McNulty, Josh Kantor, and Jack Matthews-- celebrated by receiving bottles of Fireball, which quickly disappeared.

The Alpine Collective, which has been associated with such events as the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival, a lecture involving climate change, and an environmental forum for Park City, Utah, candidates, seeks to create a local culture of “mountain change makers” through events, music, sports, movies and speakers. The money from this particular golf tourney went to a small nonprofit athletic organization.

Josh Kantor, Lincoln McNulty and Evan Wyman celebrate their last-place win.

"The Alpine Collective is a local group that aims to create a stronger, more engaged community through its events and collaborative network,” said Co-Founder Conor Quinn, who also founded Oscar Wilde Spirits. “The Duel was the first of many events to come by the Alpine Collective. The purpose of 'The Duel' was to bring together great people, celebrate friendships and make new connections."   

The goal of the Alpine Collective is to raise capital for local causes and charities through various events throughout the year, added Quinn.

"We will choose organizations that are personal to individuals in our group and where our donation will make a big impact on their bottom line,” he said.

Look for upcoming Alpine Collective events and how to become involved at:

The Valley Club was bathed in pink during the tournament.



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