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Voters Say Yes to Everything
Paddy McIlvoy, left, talked during an SVED roundtable about his efforts advocating for reallocating part of LOT tax monies for affordable housing so that businessmen like himself would be able to find and retain employees.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2023


Voters in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey handily passed laws that would reallocate 0.5 percent of the LOT taxes imposed on tourist-related items like lodging and rental cars for affordable housing projects in those three cities.

With 60 percent approval needed, at least 75 percent of the voters in each city approved the change to the allocation of LOT taxes. The remaining 0.5 percent of the LOT taxes will continue to go to providing minimum guaranteed revenues for air service to and from Friedman Memorial Airport.

Hailey residents also approved a special municipal revenue bond that will allow them to perform necessary work on the city’s aging wastewater plant.

* City of Sun Valley

0.5 percent Local Option Tax for Air, Ordinance No. 572

In Favor—291 or 84.84 percent

Against—52 or 15.16 percent

0.5 percent Local Option Tax for Housing, Ordinance No. 573

In Favor—293 or 85.17 percent

Against---51 or 14.83 percent

  • City of Ketchum

    1 percent Local Option Tax, Ordinance No. 1244

    In Favor—577 or 75.72 percent

    Against—185 or 24.28 percent

  • City of Hailey

Special Non-Property Tax Election, Ordinance 1319

In Favor—727 or 85.33 percent

Against—125 or 14.67 percent

Special Municipal Revenue Bond Election, Ordinance No. 1322

In Favor of 759 or 89.29 percent

Against—91 or 10.71 percent.


The Blaine County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday issued a mandatory flood evacuation for part of the Della View subdivision in Hailey. Residents of that area have been asked to leave and not return until the danger has passed. The order affected eight addresses on War Eagle Drive: 510, 910, 911, 920, 1020, 1021, 1030 and 1031.

On Tuesday the Big Wood River level was at 5.5 feet--above the official flood stage of 5 feet. The level is expected to increase with warming temperatures. The water equivalent in the snow pack still exceeds 200 percent of average.


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